ConEmu terms and definitions


As is, it is a real console window. It always exists, but ConEmu hide it. You may reveal the RealConsole window by depressing Ctrl-Win-Alt-Space, or selecting item ‘Real console’ from the SystemMenu.


It is a part of the ConEmu window, where ConEmu draws contents of the RealConsole.


Pop up it by depressing Win-Alt-Space or right mouse clicking on the ConEmu window caption.


When Tabs are shown in the ConEmu window, you may pop up menu for exact tab by right mouse clicking on this tab. This menu looks like SystemMenu, but does not have some window-related items.


Taskbar status area. It’s a part of Windows taskbar next to the clock. ConEmu may show the TSA icon in several cases:

Host key


It’s a key or combination, which is a part of some hotkeys.

You may select yours convinent combination (up to 3 keys) from Win, Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Apps.

Host keys examples: Win, CtrlAltShift, CtrlApps, and so on…

Apps key

A key between RightWin and RightShift on the most of keyboards. More…


Buffer height of the RealConsole window may be much longer, than height of the visible area. ConEmu shows scrollbar (automatic or persistent) when BufferHeight is enabled. With only exception of Windows 7 you may switch BufferHeight mode by Win-S hotkey.

Tab or TabBar

When tabs are visible, each tab represents one ‘window’. Each window may be RealConsole (running any console application), or Far Manager editor/viewer.

When several editors/viewers are opened in Far Manager - first tab represents panels, and rightwards tabs represents editor/viewer windows.

Split or Pane

ConEmu’s working surfaces may be splitted into several panes.

Tab Completion

When you type anything in your Shell prompt and press key Tab your shell use some heuristics to do auto-completion.

ConEmu do not handle ‘Tab completion’ because it completely depends on the shell you are using. But ConEmu is universal terminal where anyone may run any shell of their choice.

But you may read some recommendations about shell completion configuration.

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