Which version to choose

‘Preview’ builds are recommended for most users. At the moment, last ‘Stable’ is very old and ‘Preview’ coming to be ‘Stable’ soon. Read more about release stages.

Download mirrors (official)

Fosshub.com Primary  

Official mirrors

Third-pary mirrors

Softpedia.com, Instalki.pl and some others. These mirrors are not maintained by project owners!

Release archives

Searching for some old (exact) ConEmu build? All builds are available here:

Far Manager related

New plugins adapted to newest Far 3.0 are located now on GitHub

Far3bis sources and binaries

I have not updated yet some plugins released for Far Manager (2.0 and 3.0.2790). Due to breaking changes in Far API (Lua related) old plugins will not be working in the current builds of Far 3.x. But if you need them, you may download them here: