Split Screen or Panes in ConEmu

ConEmu may split any tab into several panes with free (user choice) grid configuration. Unlike many other terminals (who can start in the split only the same shell as original one), you may

  • create new pane (split) with any shell of your choice, with different credentials or elevated (as Administrator);
  • or just duplicate shell from your active pane (classic way) with Ctrl+Shift+O or Ctrl+Shift+E.

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Ways to split

As usual, ConEmu provides more than a one way to do any action.

SplitScreen options in ‘Create new console’ dialog

Open ‘Create new console’ dialog by pressing Win+W or [+] toolbar button and set up ‘New console split’ options.

NB, if you have disabled Create confirmation press Win+Shift+W or Shift+[+].

From your shell prompt

You may use -new_console:s[<SplitTab>T][<Percents>](H|V) switch appended to any command typed in your prompt or Task contents. Option ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ must be enabled to use this feature in prompt.


cmd -new_console:s split current pane, run cmd shell, new pane and old (current) pane become 50% width of current pane
cmd -new_console:s50H same as cmd -new_console:s
powershell -NoProfile -new_console:sV split current pane, run powershell -NoProfile, create new pane to the bottom
sh --login -i -new_console:s3T30H split 3-d pane, create new pane to the right with 30% width


Usually the active console is splitted, but with this 1-based number you may select ‘proper’ console (pane or tab) to split.

The switch has meaning only when used within Task commands, and only consoles started from the Task are counted.

So, you may create complicated geometry starting tabs in desired order.

cmd -new_console:s66H
cmd -new_console:s50H
cmd -new_console:s2T50V
cmd -new_console:s3T50V

Default hotkeys

Split key macros (default as Ctrl+Shift+O and Ctrl+Shift+E) work like ‘Duplicate root…’ menu item. These macros will duplicate shell from your active pane!

Start several consoles in 2x2 grid from the named Task

The question from superuser.com.

You may set up named task to open several consoles on startup in the grid. Here the example for 2x2 grid.

>cmd -cur_console:n
powershell -cur_console:s1TVn
sh --login -i -cur_console:s1THn
putty -load mysrv -cur_console:s2THn

More examples

Working with splits

  • Cycle switche visible split-panes: Apps+Tab, Apps+Shift+Tab {GuiMacro: Tab(10,…)}.
  • Put focus to nearest pane: Apps+Up, Apps+Down, Apps+Left, Apps+Right {GuiMacro: Split(2,…)}.
  • Move splitter (resize panes): Apps+Shift+Up, Apps+Shift+Down, Apps+Shift+Left, Apps+Shift+Right {GuiMacro: Split(1,…)}.

Apps is a key between RightWin and RightShift on the most of keyboards. More…

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