ConEmu always run standard Windows console - ‘Real console’, but it is hidden most of time.

Many users erroneously name it as cmd.exe, but it is not true. Windows console window is a part of Windows ‘kernel’ (csrss.exe up to Vista and conhost.exe in Windows 7 and higher). And you may run there console applications: cmd.exe, powershell.exe and many others are shells and tools.

Reveal RealConsole window

If you need to take a look at ‘Real console’ just press (simultaneously) in the ConEmu window Ctrl+Win+Alt+Space. Alternatively - SystemMenu -> Debug -> Real console.

Sometimes you may see flickering ‘Real console’ during ConEmu tab startup. That is intended behavior for ‘Run as administrator’ and debugging using Default terminal feature.

Win+R: Check your application

Before creating an issue for ConEmu, especially with phrases like ‘it works properly in mintty’, you have to check your application in the same circumstances in RealConsole.

  1. Disable ‘Default Terminal’ feature if you use it.
  2. Press Win+R and run your console application.
  3. Ensure that your RealConsole has the same dimensions as in ConEmu.
    • Right-click on the RealConsole title and choose ‘Properties’.
    • Ensure that Font is either ‘Consolas’ or ‘Lucida Console’.
    • Ensure that console window buffer and window width and height are the same as in ConEmu (you may check them in StatusBar).
  4. Try to reproduce your problem. In most cases it repeats, that definitely means that the problem is inside console application, but not in ConEmu.

Note for cygwin/msys applications

The argument ‘it works in mintty’ is not forcible. The reason is simple. All cygwin application has ‘two branches’ in their code, they behaves absolutely differently when they are started in mintty, and when they are started in the RealConsole.

ConEmu can’t change their behavior. However, you may start cygwin/msys connector written specially for ConEmu, to emulate cygwin/msys terminal.

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