There are several types of ‘Log Files’. Usually, when you report and issue developer asks for ‘Debug log files’ which are enabled by -log switch.

But logging of console output (described here) is available too.

Why LogFiles are needed

When user reports a problem, frequently, developer needs more information than user may tell. ConEmu may write internal information in text form into log files.

How to start logging

Run ConEmu.exe or ConEmu64.exe (whatever you are using) with special switch -log.

How to do that? Simpliest way is to press Win+R, type (or browse) in edit field full path to ConEmu.exe or ConEmu64.exe and append -log switch. There are also -log2, -log3 and -log4 alternatives. Larger digit - more information will be written - ConEmu will run slower.

Where log files are created

This depends of when program folder is write-allowed. For example, running as normal user any program can’t write to C:\Program Files.

If program folder is locked (read-only)

ConEmu will create on your desktop new folder named ConEmuLogs and write information to ConEmu*.log files there.

If program folder is write-allowed

ConEmu will create ConEmu*.log files near to executable file. Note, that there are ConEmuC.exe and ConEmuC64.exe in the ConEmu subfolder.

Start logging with ‘Default Terminal’

When you are using Default Terminal feature, you may enable logging for hooked processes. These are usually explorer.exe, devenv.exe and so on, in other words, the programs from which you are starting console applications, which you want to run in ConEmu.

So, to enable logging in ‘DefTerm applications’ you need to tick checkbox ‘Enable logging of hooked processes’, and save your settings.

Please note, log files in this case are created on the Desktop in the ConEmuLogs folder.

Posting files to issues

  1. Please, don’t post huge log files to issues comments! A great deal of lines with debug information makes your issue unintelligible. Moreover, your log files will be trimmed most probably!
  2. Please, don’t concatenate all files to single one! Developer needs all files created by application, they are written simultaneously and concatenating them will make them unreadable.

Instead, please zip them into one archive and upload to DropBox or any other hosting and post only link to the issue.

Log console output

Don’t confuse this with log files created by -log switch. ConEmu may write all output from console applications to log files. Read more on the ANSI Log Files page.

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