Log console output

ConEmu may write all output from console applications to log files.

Please note

  • Don’t confuse this with log files created by -log switch!
  • ConEmu can’t log output from PuTTY, mintty and other ChildGui tools!

Settings page

On the Settings / Features page you may enable logging of console applications output. By default logging is disabled, and suggested folder to store log files is %ConEmuDir%\Logs\ (read about environment variables).

Please note, that when you tick checkbox ‘Log console output’ it will affect newly created consoles only.

Connector ‘–log’ switch

When you use Connector to run WSL or cygwin/msys shells you may turn on logging in the Connector itself using --log <dir> switch.

For example, if you use the Task {Bash::bash} it runs by default:

set "PATH=%ConEmuBaseDirShort%\wsl;%PATH%" & %ConEmuBaseDirShort%\conemu-cyg-64.exe --wsl -cur_console:pm:/mnt

And you want to log your console output to folder D:\Users\Bugs. Just add the --log D:/Users/Bugs (backslashes are supported too) after connector executable. If --log is specified without the following directory, connector tries to created log files in the startup directory of the conemu-cyg-64.exe process.

set "PATH=%ConEmuBaseDirShort%\wsl;%PATH%" & %ConEmuBaseDirShort%\conemu-cyg-64.exe --log D:/Users/Bugs --wsl -cur_console:pm:/mnt
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