How to send large files when you are reporting an issue

GitHub does not support attaching of any binary files into issues.

Googlecode (deprecated tracker) has strong limits for attachments in the Issues. Moreover, total space for all attachments in all issues is limited too. I need to contact Google support team to increase issues quota each time when it goes out :(

That’s why you can’t (strongly not recommended) upload large files (crash dumps etc.) to your Issue and need to use on of dozens of free file hosters. Some links below…

Cloud services

DropBox (my choice) {#DropBox_(my_choice)}

Free registration and free space: 2.0 GB + 500 MB (my invite link) + 500 MB (installing app to your mobile). Upload file to DropBox (even from your browser) and post link to the Issue.

I like using DropBox app on my Android device, it allows creating shortcuts to specific folder just on launcher screen.


Another russian free cloud service Yandex disk gives you up to 10 GB free space.


Free cloud service from Microsoft gives you 7 GB for free.

Simple file hosters


Sendspace allows you to upload files up to 300 MB without registration.


ZippyShare allows you to upload files up to 200 MB without registration.

RGhost (russian) allows you to upload files up to 500 MB without registration.

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