Reporting ConEmu crashes

ConEmu is stable enough. But, unfortunately, any product may have yet unfixed problems. Please read the following if you find one.

Third-party bugs

Please, note! I often receive reports related to several MicrosoftBugs. If you see the crash, please read wiki and make sure Inject ConEmuHk feature is enabled!

ConEmu and ConEmuC processes

Well, if any unknown crash was occured in ConEmu or ConEmuC processes, MemoryDump may greatly help to locate and fix the problem.

Crashes in ConEmu[64].exe and ConEmuC[64].exe are handled automatically and application suggests to user (message box) to create MemoryDump (full or mini). Due to limitation of issues attachments, please upload Zipped dumps to DropBox or any other hosting and post the link to issues or via email.

Console applications

ConEmu does not handle crashes (exceptions actually) in the running console applications. That is because to minimize intrusion to running application. So, if some application crashes in ConEmu and do not crashes when you run it in the standard Windows’ console started by Win+R for example, please read the following.

How to create required dump

For example, you observe a crash in ls.exe process. You have to set environment variable ConEmuReportExe to that process name: ls.exe.

This may be done via:

set ConEmuReportExe=ls.exe
  • New console dialog. Example below sets ConEmuReportExe variable and starts cmd.exe as shell.
set ConEmuReportExe=ls.exe & cmd.exe
  • In some shells (cmd, tcc, far) you may call set directly from prompt.
set ConEmuReportExe=ls.exe

Than, you may run you command from started console:


Message box must appears ls.exe loaded.

At this time, call ConEmu’s System menu > Debug > Active process memory dump.

After pressing OK in “loaded” message box your error message expected. Save the dump. Upload Zipped dump to DropBox or any other hosting.

Manual dump creation

If you need to create dump manually (of any ConEmu’s processes or console application) please read that wiki.

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