Settings: Environment

ConEmu Settings: Environment

Set up environment variables, cmd.exe aliases, codepage

Here you may do the fine tuning of your environment for processes running inside ConEmu (tabs and splits).

Limited set of commands are supported.


You may issue one or more echo commands, these text will appear on the top of every started console.

Note ChildGui (PuTTY, mintty, etc.) are not consoles.

echo -x "Welcome to the ConEmu %ConEmuBuild%" "terminal" "^nPress Win-Alt-P for Settings"
echo "-------------------------"


You may define your environment variables here. Few examples below.

set HOME=C:\DropBox\Home
set "PATH=%ConEmuBaseDir%\Scripts;%PATH%"


Same as chcp.exe standard command, but supports few aliases, for example:

chcp utf-8

Don’t use this command if you are not aware of its meaning. Changing console code page to anything different from your default OEM page may harm output of some unaware console applications.


These aliases will work within cmd.exe and Far Manager only. Actually this command will do the same thing as DosKey.exe is doing. Few examples below.

“sudo” alias example

There is the csudo command file. You may create an alias with desired behavior and name.

alias sudo=ConEmuC -c $* -new_console:ac

And you may just run in your non-elevated cmd.exe prompt (inside ConEmu of course):

sudo diskpart

New elevated tab with diskpart.exe will be started (after UAC confirmation).

“st” alias example

Use “start” to start new console application inside ConEmu with disabled Press Enter or Esc to close console confirmation.

alias st=start $* -cur_console:n

We use -cur_console:n here instead of -new_console:n because with -new_console new tab will be created with start command, -new_console will be stripped from arguments and ‘true’ tab with your console application will start without this switch.

More alias examples

Use DOSKEY.exe to add alias or print current aliases.

alias alias=DOSKEY $*
alias aliases=DOSKEY /MACROS

Implement cat command in cmd.exe prompt via ConEmuC -type switch.

alias cat=ConEmuC -type $*

And ce to call ConEmuC -echo.

alias ce=ConEmuC -echo $*

Fast way to go to the %ConEmuDir%.

alias ...=cd /d "%ConEmuDir%"

Chain commands together using $t as a command separator

alias openNotes=cd /user/notes/ $t noteapad notes.txt

Add to %PATH% environment variable

Note This option group is superfluous and is maintained for compatibility and some simplification. You may modify your %PATH% in the edit area above.

Here you may add to the PATH environment variables for processes running inside ConEmu (tabs and splits).

Add %ConEmuDir% to %PATH%

If checked you may run ConEmu.exe and ConEmu64.exe from your command-line interpreter. Example below.

ConEmu -basic -noquake -nosingle -startTSA -run <build your project command line>

Add %ConEmuBaseDir% to %PATH%

If checked you may run ConEmuC.exe and ConEmuC64.exe from your command-line interpreter. ConEmuC is used generally to do some checks (-IsConEmu switch) and execute GuiMacro. Example below.

ConEmuC -GuiMacro Progress 3
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