ConEmu Environment variables

List of environment variables set by ConEmu

Name Example Description
ConEmuDir C:\ConEmu folder, containing ConEmu.exe
ConEmuDrive C: drive letter with colon, containing ConEmu.exe
ConEmuBaseDir C:\ConEmu\ConEmu folder, containing ConEmuC.exe
ConEmuBaseDirShort C:\ConEmu\ConEmu same as ConEmuBaseDir, but using short names (e.g. C:\PROGRA~1\...)
ConEmuWorkDir C:\Users folder, from where your shell was started
ConEmuWorkDrive C: drive letter with colon, from where your shell was started
ConEmuArgs vary arguments were specified to ConEmu.exe
ConEmuConfig vary current configuration name, see /config switch
ConEmuBuild 141126c current ConEmu build number
ConEmuPID number PID (process ID) of ConEmu GUI
ConEmuServerPID number PID (process ID) of ConEmuC server executable
ConEmuHWND 0x8HEXDGTS main ConEmu window handle
ConEmuDrawHWND 0x8HEXDGTS virtual console window handle (child window of ConEmu), this is canvas for console text painting
ConEmuBackHWND 0x8HEXDGTS backing for canvas, it may be larger than canvas if padding or scrollbars exists
ConEmuIsAdmin ADMIN or not defined set for those tabs/splits which were started elevated (UAC)
ConEmuANSI ON or OFF set by ConEmu to ON when ‘ANSI X3.64’ if enabled
ConEmuHooks Enabled,OFF,NOARG,NOSTART you may temporarily disable injects when running ‘long’ batches or initialization scripts
ConEmuFakeDT 2014-12-31 will cheat system and local current time for console processes
ConEmuMacroResult vary may be set only by ConEmu’s Far Manager plugin after executing GUI Macro
ConEmuCpCvt perl.exe:1252:1251 to force output CP conversion
ConEmuDefaultCp 1251 to change output CP if you don’t want to use chcp

PATH modifications

Settings page Environment has an options ‘Add %ConEmuDir% to %PATH%’, ‘Add %ConEmuBaseDir% to %PATH%’ and edit box for settings user-defined environment variables.

Variables %ConEmuDir% and %ConEmuBaseDir% are set by default to allow easily run executables and scripts and macros from ConEmu’s folders. For example:

ConEmuC -GuiMacro Progress 3


csudo dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:D:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

Debug purposed variables

Name Example Description
ConEmuSleepIndicator TITLE, NUM or OFF Turns on monitoring feature of ‘Sleep in background’, when ConEmuSleepIndicator=NUM ConEmu will turn off NumLock when going sleep and turn on NumLock when full active back, when ConEmuSleepIndicator=TITLE - state will be shown in the TabBar or window title.
ConEmuReportExe perl.exe Shows message box like ‘perl.exe loaded’ when perl.exe started inside ConEmu tab; option ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ must be enabled. This may be used for crash dump creation.

Export variables

When you start new console - it inherits environment strings (%PATH% also) from parent process (ConEmu GUI).

When you change %PATH% in your shell - it applies to this shell and its children processes (that is started in current console/tab).

If you need to fixate this temporarily environment changes - you may execute

ConEmuC /export PATH

This will ‘copy’ your current %PATH% value to ConEmu GUI and it will be applied to all new ConEmu’s consoles.

Full syntax of Export command

ConEmuC /EXPORT[=CON|ALL] [Var1 [Var2 [...]]]
ConEmuC /export[=CON|ALL] [Var1 [Var2 [...]]]
  VarN        - may contains one trailing/middle asterisk (sort of filemask support).
  /export     - export to all processes of current console and ConEmu GUI
  /export=CON - export to all processes of current console only
  /export=GUI - export to ConEmu GUI only
  /export=ALL - export to all processes of opened tabs and ConEmu GUI
  • Note! ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ required to set variables.
  • Some shells may ignores environment changes by /EXPORT=ALL because of their features.
  • Shells comments
  • ‘Far Manager’ & ‘TCC/LE’ - OK;
  • ‘cmd’ - fails partially (required to run smth from active cmd, for example “cmd /k exit”, to ‘apply’ changes);
  • ‘bash’ - fails completely (seems, it does not support outside changing of env.vars).

Disabling hooks temporarily

You may temporarily disable injects when running ‘long’ batches or initialization scripts:

cmd /k set ConEmuHooks=OFF & "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin\SetEnv.cmd" -new_console:sV -new_console:t:SDK & set ConEmuHooks=

Actually, ConEmuHooks may be set to comma-delimited set of OFF,NOARG,NOSTART or simple Enabled. So if you want temporarily disable processing of -new_console and start (which both are forcing command into the new ConEmu tab) you may set the following:


Cheating system time

Environment variable “ConEmuFakeDT”. That will cheat system and local current time for console processes. Use carefully! Console applications will think that time was freezed! ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ must be on! Some examples (cmd):

set ConEmuFakeDT=%DATE% %TIME%
set ConEmuFakeDT=2013-12-31T23:59:59.99
set ConEmuFakeDT=2013-01-31 9:0:0
set ConEmuFakeDT=2013-11-30


Codepage hack to force output CP conversion.

If some command uses wrong CP while converting ANSI to Unicode (the example may be perl.exe from git add -p) set variable to correct its output. Use asterisk for all apps. This hack affects ONLY WriteConsoleW function calls.

set ConEmuCpCvt=perl.exe:1252:1251;*:850:866;


Codepage hack to change output CP if you don’t want to use chcp.

If you can’t use chcp <codepage> to change whole console CP output, you may change it using environment variable ConEmuDefaultCp. It will affect only WriteFile and WriteConsoleA functions. So, if you need to run several apps in one console simultaneously…

set ConEmuDefaultCp=1251
ConEmuC -fork -c App1.exe
set ConEmuDefaultCp=866
ConEmuC -fork -c App2.exe
set ConEmuDefaultCp=
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