‘Memory dump’ (or ‘Mini dump’, or ‘Crash dump’) is a binary file, containing full or brief information about program state at specified moment. Usually, files has .dmp or .mdmp extension.

Following information is a copy of answers from ConEmu FAQ.

How to create a minidump

There are several ways to create memory dumps.

Process Explorer

Process Explorer can create proper ‘Memory dumps’. But be sure, you are using latest ‘Process Explorer’ version (15.40 is OK now).

Just locate process in the list, right click on it and choose ‘Create dump’ -> Mini or Full.

ConEmu System menu

ConEmu GUI offers easy creation of ‘ActiveProcess memory dump’. Just choose menu item from SystemMenu -> Debug.

Note ‘Active Process’ is console process or ChildGui application, but not a ConEmu[64].exe or ConEmuC[64].exe.

Using ConEmuC command line

Windows XP and above

Press Win+R and run the following command, it will create a full process memory dump (it may be large enough).

"C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu\ConEmuC.exe" /DEBUGPID=Your_PID /FULL

Or, create a small process memory dump. Yes, it will be small, but may contains not enough information for detecting a problem.

"C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu\ConEmuC.exe" /DEBUGPID=Your_PID /MINI

Substitute Your_PID with the process ID, read below. You will be offered to choose filename for a minidump.

Warning! Before creating dumps of Far Manager please ensure that “far.exe” was started with “/x” switch.

Using Windows Task manager

Windows 7 and up

Warning! This method only works for processes with the same bitness as the operating system. Therefore, you won’t be able to create a working minidump for 32-bit processes when using a 64-bit Windows version.

Open Windows’ Task Manager, switch to the “Processes” tab, right-click the process, and select “Create dump file”.

Using postmortem debugger

The ProcDump tool from SysInternals can install itself as postmortem debugger and it will create for you crash dumps automatically when any process in your system is terminated unexpectedly.

Example command to install procdump as postmortem debugger (the command should be executed in the elevated console):

procdump.exe -i C:\CrashDumps -ma

To remove postmortem debugger:

procdump.exe -u

How to find Process ID (PID)

A. You can find the Process ID near to Process Name (ConEmu.exe, cmd.exe, etc.)

  • in Windows’ Task Manager;
  • in the ConEmu status line;
  • in the Info page of ConEmu Settings dialog.

Note! Sometimes PID column in the Task Manager window may be hidden, enable it in Task manager settings.

  • Windows 7 and below: Task Manager -> Processes tab -> Menu -> View -> Select Columns -> Check ‘PID’.
  • Windows 8: Task Manager -> Show ‘More details’ -> Processes tab -> Right click on column title -> Check ‘PID’.

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