ConEmu and Windows Environment Variables

With several exceptions defined in ConEmuEnvironment wiki, ConEmu inherent all variables from calling process (which is explorer.exe in most cases).

ConEmu does not change variables with exception of %PATH%, defined on the ‘Environment’ settings page, and all %ConEmu...% variables.

All other variables are left intact!

That means, if you notice some strange in your environment - find problems on your side.

Some common problems described below.

Variables doesn’t match defined in system settings

Well, sometimes Windows Explorer fails with automatic acceptance of changes done by user or installation programs. This is known Microsoft behavior.


Logoff your Windows session and logon again.

Something strange with home

Are you using clink? Is you %HOME% point to clink’s profile? You may be using old clink version. There was an issue on old clink’s project site about that.


  • Update clink (if you are using it)
  • Use ProcessExplorer to examine environment variables of all parent processes (from your shell and above). That may give you a clue.
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