ConEmu’s Tasks

Default Tasks are some predefined Tasks generated by ConEmu for well known shells and toolsets.

Often the ‘Default Task’ is the only proper way to run your shell in ConEmu, otherwise you may get unexpected shell behavior which ConEmu can’t ‘fix’.

When you run ConEmu first time after installation (when there are no Tasks in settings) ConEmu will scan your PC for installed tools and applications and populate list of ‘Default Tasks’.

You may access these Tasks as usual, set personal hotkeys for each task, register them for Jump Lists and so on…

Add/refresh default tasks

In case you have installed a new application (for example new Visual Studio version) or new ConEmu build which knows more predefined shells than previous build, the new task is not created automatically by ConEmu without user’s request.

If you want to add missed tasks, or recreate existing tasks with default (recommended) parameters, just open ‘Tasks’ settings page and press ‘Add/recreate default tasks…’ button. ConEmu will confirm the action (‘Yes’ - add missed tasks; ‘No’ - rewrite existing tasks with defaults) and you will get new tasks at the end of the Tasks list!

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