ConEmu settings storage

ConEmu settings may be stored in the ‘Windows Registry’ and in the xml files (ConEmu.xml usually).

By default, ConEmu uses ConEmu.xml on Windows XP or higher. Windows 2000 (not supported officially) is limited to using Registry.

ConEmu.xml search sequence

You may use ConEmu in ‘portable’ mode, so all settings will be stored in the ConEmu.xml file or its dotted variant .ConEmu.xml. File without leading dot has priority.

ConEmu search sequence of this file:

User specified If ConEmu.exe is started with switch -loadcfgfile “full-path-2-xml”, than ConEmu will use specified xml file
%ConEmuDir%\ Folder with ConEmu.exe and ConEmu64.exe
%ConEmuBaseDir%\ Folder with ConEmuC.exe and ConEmuC64.exe
%APPDATA%\ I don’t think this is really ‘portable’, but many users was asked about %APPDATA%
Windows registry If the xml file does not exist in any of the specified folders ConEmu will use Windows registry

On first time ConEmu run, you may choose ‘portable’ mode and location of xml file.

Or you may create manually a new empty ConEmu.xml or just rename ConEmu_Sample.xml to ConEmu.xml for engaging xml-mode. Template file ConEmu_Sample.xml is shipped with ConEmu.

You may use named configuration (-config “cfg-name”) switch with xml-mode too.

Also, there are switches -loadcfgfile and -safecfgfile to use any special locations (may be not so useful for daily using, but available).

Note. You may rename/create ConEmu.xml file any time, even after ConEmu starts and loads its settings from registry.

Note for format

When you are running ConEmu installed with ‘paf’ bundle, your settings will be stored in <app>/Data/settings/ConEmu.xml.

How to send your config to developer

When one reports about problem, developer needs your ConEmu settings often.

The easiest (and may be most proper) way to provide it is ‘Export…’ button in the ConEmu Settings dialog.

Save your config in the new xml (don’t overwrite your existing config) file and attach it to the created issue.

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