CommandLine - GUI, Console and Shells switches

There are several places where you may need to use command line arguments. Do not confuse them. The switch from one group will not be working in the another place!

GUI args

These switches are used for changing ConEmu window behavior or running specific commands (shells) in the ConEmu’s tabs or splits. In the following example all between ConEmu and -run are GUI arguments.

ConEmu -mintsa -config "Maintainance" -dir "C:\Project" -run git fetch

ConEmuC args

ConEmuC is a console part of ConEmu. It serves a console window acting a console server in the ConEmu-ConEmuC pair. Also, it can be used to run some checks (do your console is run in ConEmu, etc.), to execute GuiMacro’s, to make MemoryDump’s, and so on.

ConEmuC -isconemu & if errorlevel 2 (echo Not in ConEmu) else if errorlevel 1 (echo In ConEmu)
ConEmuC -GuiMacro:0 print "Echo abc\n"

Shell args

Generally speaking, ConEmu has no common with shells. The shell, is what you run in the ConEmu’s tab or split. Read more here: LaunchNewTab.

cmd /k ver & your_batch_script.cmd
powershell -NoProfile -NoExit -Command "Import-Module List.ps1 -ArgumentList 'Tasks'"
bash.exe --login -i

Console args

That is much like as ‘Shell args’, with only difference that ConEmuC can process some commands internally, before running you shell: ‘set’, ‘chcp’, ‘title’. They can be used in Tasks, after ‘-run’ ConEmu’s switch and so on.

"set PATH=C:\MinGW\bin;%PATH%" & set MSYSTEM=MINGW64 & chcp 65001 & sh -l -i

Task parameters

When you do configure tasks you will see ‘Task parameters’ edit field. That is the place to:

  • force the task to be run in the special directory;
  • give the started tab a specific icon;
  • when used from the jump list force the task to be run in the existing ConEmu window.
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