ConEmu Startup Directory

When you start ConEmu and do not specify the directory where you want to start it, the default (startup) directory will be %USERPROFILE%.

Why? There are reasons.

  • It is almost useless to start your shell in the ConEmu installation folder (you will get that if you run ConEmu from shortcut or Explorer window).
  • It may be dangerous to start your shell in the system32 folder (you will get that if you run something from Win+R).

Force use of the specific directory

If you want to force ConEmu to start using some specific default directory there are options.

  • Force inherit current directory of the parent process. Just add -here switch to ConEmu’s command line. This switch is used in ConEmu’s Here or Inside.
  • ConEmu’s shortcut properties. You may change ‘Working directory’ field.
  • Task parameters. You may add -dir "C:\your\path" switch. This may be overrided by ConEmu’s command line.
  • ConEmu’s command line (or shortcut). You may add -dir "C:\your\path" switch.
  • -new_console:d:”C:\your\path” switch in the task or specified command.

Shell related notes

Even if ConEmu sets a directory as startup location for new tab or split some shells may ignore it.

cygwin always starts (by default) in user’s home directory, Far Manager may restore last or saved panel directories, and so on…

The workaround is to tell your console application to use specified directory instead of default one. Here are some hints…

Refer to your application manual to find proper way.

Few examples below.


NB This is not related to ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)’!

Use CHERE_INVOKING environment variable for cygwin shells. Example:

set CHERE_INVOKING=1 & sh.exe -l -i

Put this command in the {CygWin bash} Task (as ConEmu suggests by default) and start ConEmu as:

ConEmu.exe -run {CygWin bash}"

Far Manager

Use !ConEmuWorkDir! environment variable. Example:

Far.exe "!ConEmuWorkDir!"

If you have (as recommended) the Task {Far} the full command to run ConEmu would be:

ConEmu.exe -run {Far} "!ConEmuWorkDir!"
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