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ConEmu Settings: Features

Miscellaneous options

Auto register fonts in ConEmu folder

Use in ConEmu fonts, located in ConEmu folder. *.ttf, *.otf and *.bdf files are supported.

Monitor console lang

Monitor input language change in real console (e.g. Far Manager XLat switching support)

CPU consuming

Sleep in background

Reduce FPS when ConEmu loses focus

Retard inactive panes

Retard inactive but visible split-panes in the active ConEmu window

In-console options

Inject ConEmuHk

Allow injecting ConEmuHk.dll in every process of ConEmu console window. Required for many features (ANSI X3.64, -new_console argument, GUI apps in ConEmu tabs, …) and elimination of several problems (telnet in Windows 7, dialogs and menus behind of ConEmu window, chcp hungs, and so on…)

DosBox (DOS apps)

Enables DosBox integration

Use Clink in prompt

Use clink to extend command prompt (cmd.exe)

ANSI and xterm sequences

Enable processing of ANSI escape sequences, ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ must be checked if you want to work with second level processes (e.g. cmd.exe -> app.exe)

Disable all flashing

Disable all flashing (from consoles) on Windows taskbar. 3rd-state - allow short flashing.

Suppress bells (beeps)

Suppress annoying bells produced by echoing char(7), Beep and MessageBeep functions. Inject ConEmuHk is required.

Process ‘-new_console’ and ‘-cur_console’ switches

Enable processing of ‘-new_console’ and ‘-cur_console’ switches in your shell prompt, scripts etc. started in ConEmu tabs

Process ‘start’

Hook ‘start’ command in your cmd’s prompt and batches started in ConEmu tabs to run console applications in new ConEmu tabs

Process Ctrl-Z in ReadConsole

Treat Ctrl-Z as ‘EndOfStream’. On new line press Ctrl-Z and Enter. Refer to the gh#465 for details (Go input streams).

Kill ssh-agent with ConEmu

Terminate all ssh-agent.exe processes started from ConEmu’s consoles on ConEmu termination.

Skip focus events (don’t send to console FOCUS_EVENT, useful with Far Manager)

Don’t send focus events to console to disable autoclosing of fast search dialog in panels

Log console output (*)

Log console output to text files ConEmu-YYYY-MM-DD-pNNNN.log (affects new consoles only)

Log ANSI sequences (*)

Write to console log ANSI sequences (affects new consoles only)

You may choose folder for in-console log files (affect new consoles only)

Debugging options

Exception handler (debug)

By default ConEmu doesn’t do SetUnhandledExceptionFilter in alternative servers (Far, Telnet, etc.) But it may be enabled for debugging purposes

Debug steps in caption

Show some debug information in ConEmu title E.g. plugin communication steps.

Show real console

Show real console on startup

Internal LogFiles location

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