Build 180626 (preview)

  • conemu#1606: Don’t show assertion on start if we can’t determine HKL name, just write info to log.
  • conemu#1613: In some cases first four CJK cells were displayed using wrong attributes (inverse, underline).
  • conemu#1560: Try to support high-precision mouse wheels and trackpads.
  • conemu#1614: Fix long running session performance issues (CreateToolhelp32Snapshot).
  • conemu#1615: Workaroung for Win10 insider cursor position bug after writing \b \b to console.
  • Reset prompt-start position after newline to avoid unexpected behavior of Shift+Home.
  • Avoid rapid window flashing initialized from console applications, log FlashWindow requests.
Build 190108 (preview) | Build 180617 (preview)
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