Build 180617 (preview)

  • conemu#1590: Quake activation (up/down) did not work properly with ChildGui in tab.
  • Show -switch style in ConEmuC help.
  • conemu#1240: For those who want to run WinAPI console applications from POSIX layer: ConEmuC -std -c your-command. When you run connector (or wslbridge) console handles are set into POSIX mode, and only applications directly compiled for this mode will behave as they are in tty. In other words, if you run ‘ConEmu/cygwin-connector/bash’ and try to start Python outside of cygwin folder (e.g. downloaded from, the Python will not think it was started in terminal, because it was not linked with cygwin1.dll! The command ConEmuC -std -c python tries to reinitialize console to work like python was started from cmd.
  • conemu#1567: Fixing ANSI scrolling issues.
  • Slightly expand Settings/Environment editor area.
  • Set default console pad size to 4.
  • conemu#728, conemu#1570: Easy way to configure cmd prompt in default {cmd} task. When you run {cmd} task or any other task utilizing CmdInit.cmd you may set configuration variables on the Environment settings page:
    • set ConEmuPromptNL=NO - use one-line prompt;
    • set ConEmuPromptNames=NO - don’t print user@pc.
  • Let configure csudo from Environment settings page.
    • set ConEmuSudoSplit=NO - run elevated console in new tab instead of split;
    • set ConEmuSudoConfirm=NO - disable ‘Press Enter or Esc to close console…’ confirmation.
    • Read more in docs:
  • Fix selection artefacts when selected region goes out of the screen.
  • conemu#1585: Don’t reset search mode by clicking on scrollbar.
  • Support ‘Dynamic scrollbar range’ in search mode.
  • conemu#1604, conemu#393: Allow users enter buffer height values larger than 9999 to revert to maximum allowed 32766 (by Shawn Presser).
  • conemu#1259, conemu#1557: ANSI: Some characters disappear by moving cursor with right arrow key.
  • conemu#1601: Add logging for keyboard indicators CAPS/NUM/SCRL.
  • Support additional batch init scripts in form of {cmd} script.cmd <arguments>. The script.cmd may be surrounded by ", but in that case, due to cmd parsing rules, you should append some script arguments without quotes. In other words, the tail of {cmd} should not end with ".
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