Build 190108 (preview)

  • Start word selection with Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right.
  • Settings/Size & Pos: Apply button ignored invisible part of Win10 frame while setting coordinates.
  • conemu#861: Support RAlt the same way as Alt+Numbers (keypad).
  • Predefined palettes were not initialized in some cases.
  • conemu#1620: Fade colors were wrong if ConEmu was started with -Palette switch.
  • conemu#1623: Let Ctrl+0 and GuiMacro Tab(7,-1) activate last tab.
  • conemu#1637: Show message about absent DosBox required files.
  • Fix unexpected pane-1 activation on mouse hover when pane-2 ChildGui popup dialog is over pane-1.
  • conemu#1662: Escape Char not working for passwords with trailing quote.
  • conemu#1573: Interface language setting was not saved.
  • Add a new option to auto-trim single lines. When pasting a single line ending in newline, the user is presented with a warning about pasting multi-line strings. This enables a new option to automatically strip trailing newlines whenever we detect that a single line string has been pasted. This prevents the warning and allows the user to more conveniently edit single lines pasted into the console.
  • Add German translation to ConEmu.l10n.
  • Add icon ID number for VS2019 in CreateVCTask.
  • GitShowBranch: Case insensitive check for no branch.
Build 190217 (preview) | Build 180626 (preview)
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