Build 180528 (preview)

  • conemu#1583: Let -new_console work in WSL. Note: ConEmuC.exe or ConEmuC64.exe are required to run commands, for example: ConEmuC64.exe -c powershell -new_console.
  • Switch ConEmuC -ConInfo was not working on redirected handles (mintty, connector, wsl).
  • conemu#1444: ANSI. Fix irssi rendering under tmux.
  • ANSI. Sequence \e[Nb repeats output of last written character N times.
  • ANSI: ESC ] 9 ; 10 ; 0 ST stops xterm mode emulation.
  • ANSI. Reports for ESC [ 6 n cursor position relative to viewport (1-based).
  • conemu#1569: True color mode with powershell doesn’t scroll correctly.
  • conemu#1579: Changes in escaping rules on pasting POSIX paths (exclamation ! mark).
    • if path contains special characters, strong quoting (single-quote) is used
    • it’s still possible to paste without quotation via GuiMacro
  • In some cases 32-bit ConEmuHk caused access violation on true-color buffer scrolling.
Build 180617 (preview) | Build 180506 (preview)
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