Build 180108 (alpha)

  • A lot of resize fixes.
  • Fix snap to desktop edges on Win8 when caption is not hidden and ‘Frame width’ set to non-negative value.
  • Fix wrong StatusBar size (it was greater) when caption is hidden.
  • Proper ‘OriginalFilename’ in version info.
  • Proper sizing cursor for caption-less window with positive Frame width.
  • During text selection IBeam cursor was set for many superflous areas.
  • Fix wrong Aero peek position for caption-less window with positive ‘Frame width’.
  • Fix window size and TabBar/StatusBar/Workspace position when caption is hidden and ‘frame width’ is zero.
  • Don’t force show frame during dragging the ConEmu window.
  • Fix GDI resources leak (564d6449 regression).
Build 180111 (alpha) | Build 171226 (alpha)
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