Build 171226 (alpha)

  • Resize fixes.
  • conemu#1364: Fix missed slash in the installer temp directory for %TEMP%\ConEmuYYMMDD.
  • conemu#348, conemu#1231, conemu#1372: Let background image cover VCon pad areas too.
  • conemu#1373: Fix NestedCallLevel <= 2 assertion in ConEmu-Inside when parent window has zero size.
  • conemu#1374: Explorer context menu integration didn’t start console in the folder, if starting task has /dir %CD% in the task parameters.
  • conemu#1269: Special keys were applied multiple times for GroupInput in xterm mode.
  • Add GetConsoleKeyboardLayoutName result to ConEmuC -checkunicode.
Build 180108 (alpha) | Build 171217 (alpha)
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