Build 180111 (alpha)

  • Resize fixes for quake mode in Windows 10.
  • Don’t turn on ‘self-resizable’ frame on mouse-hover if the frame is already resizable.
  • Settings/Integration: If the ‘Command’ field contains only -nosingle and no -run, don’t add -run BEFORE -nosingle.
  • conemu#1395: Settings/Integration: Force Explorer to use hotkey if ‘&’ is specified.
  • conemu#1369: Some more logging on changing window style.
  • conemu#1355, conemu#1393: Fix backscrolling with pager (git bash started from connector).
  • New image-base for ConEmuHk64: 0x7E1100000000.
Build 180114 (alpha) | Build 180108 (alpha)
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