Build 170805 (preview)

  • conemu#1211: Pressing Enter in nano editor didn’t insert new line.
  • Fix missed icon for {Bash::bash} task.
  • conemu#1209: Node and undefined in the process.env.foobar.
  • Show proper terminal modes in Settings/Info dialog page.
  • Conversion from POSIX to native paths improved.
    • Proper prefix is used (autodetected or specified via -new_console:p:/mnt switch).
    • Paths ~ and subpaths are ignored for now, we can’t even map ~ from WSL to native.
  • XTerm mouse wheel emulation changes.
    • VIM emulation \e[62~ .. [65~ is removed.
    • If console application has not requested mouse events, ConEmu sends Wheel events as Up/Down arrow key presses, and Shift+Wheel events as PgUp/PgDn key presses.
  • In come cases when using Connector ANSI sequences were not processed by ConEmu.
  • conemu#999: Fix ‘RuntimeError: Failed to beep’ when running Python in ConEmu.
Build 170807 (preview) | Build 170730 (alpha)
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