Build 170807 (preview)

  • Switch -fork was not working (e.g. ConEmuC -fork -c powershell).
  • conemu#1220: Fix AltGr+Key sent with XTerm keyboard emulation (e.g. tilde and square brackets on german keyboard).
  • conemu#740: Flexible config allowing or disallowing POSIX paths conversion.
    • If mount prefix is disabled with -new_console:p:- switch than autoconversion is disabled.
    • GuiMacro Paste doesn’t do autoconversion with exception of mode Paste(8) which does.
    • Checkboxes ‘Allow Windows to POSIX path conversion’ on ‘Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ setting pages.
  • Add -settings switch to ConEmu.exe.
  • Escape special symbols in POSIX path autoconversion on paste (e.g. /c/Program\ Files \(x86\)/Adobe/).
  • Add wiki link to each settings page.
Build 170814 (alpha) | Build 170805 (preview)
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