Build 170730 (alpha)

  • Unchecked option ‘Use credentials for network resources only’ was ignored (f9805dccf regression). Entered credentials were used only for network resources regardless of the option value.
  • conemu#811, conemu#1199: Fix race while starting applications requesting XTerm emulation (WSL, cygwin, msys).
  • conemu#1194: Button ‘Clone’ in Settings/Tasks.
  • Use conemu-cyg-64.exe with wslbridge.exe to run WSL bash. This concerns to {Bash::bash} task created by default, if cygwin’s wslbridge files exist in %ConEmuBaseDir%/wsl. Connector version 1.2 is required. wslbridge added to ConEmu distro.
  • conemu#648, conemu#1117: Support xterm mouse emulation (mc, WSL, etc.) Connector is required!
  • Try to find all installations of cygwin (32bit and 64bit) to create default tasks.
  • Find MSYS2 installations to create default tasks {Bash::Msys2-32} and {Bash::Msys2-64}.
Build 170805 (preview) | Build 170723 (alpha)
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