Build 160619

  • Command ‘ConEmuC -ConInfo’ prints current console tech info.
  • Let intercept GetWindowLong(GWL_STYLE) for console window handle (ref conemu#727, conemu#719). Far 3.0 since build 4698 tries to query GWL_STYLE for console window?
  • l10n. New language resources.
  • conemu#735: Add all marked tasks to Jump List, use TaskBar history limit value only for History items.
  • conemu#740: Conversion to linux path on paste was not working for ‘Single line’ mode.
  • Option ‘Autoupdate’ on Settings/TaskBar/Windows 7 Taskbar. If checked, Jump Lists will be updated automatically when user check the ‘Taskbar jump lists’ checkbox in Task properties.
  • Do not add new Tasks to Jump List by default, let user explicitly check ‘Taskbar jump lists’.
  • Installer (MSI): Don’t suggest Far Manager’s folder by default.
Build 160707 (stable) | Build 160612 (stable)
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