Build 160612 (stable)

  • Terminal modes were not displayed on Settings/Info page.
  • conemu#716: Cygwin/msys connector output was broken after starting nano.
  • conemu#722: Treat Unicode range U+2700..U+27BF as double width glyphs.
  • conemu#718: Minimal cursor size option was ignored for invalid console cursor size (zero size).
  • conemu#719: Write cursor information and console window rect to log file.
  • Print more console information in ConEmuC -checkunicode.
  • conemu#723: Let ‘Minimize/Restore’ hotkey act in spite of ‘Always on top’ mode.
  • Don’t process (append) environment variable twice (ref conemu#724). Example: PATH=%ConEmuBaseDir%\Scripts;%PATH%;C:\Tools\Arc So, do not add %ConEmuBaseDir%\Scripts; and ;C:\Tools\Arc if they already exist in PATH. Only explicit comparison is done, so, if C:\Tools\Arc is in the middle of current %PATH%, it would be processed (appended).
  • Fix: Console progress 0% was detected during tab startup (regression 69439a3).
  • Default task {Far}: don’t double plugin folders to avoid doubled lines in F11 (Far 1.x and Far 2.x /p switch problem).
  • conemu#700: Show tab icon for Far editors and viewers if ‘Far windows’ option is off.
Build 160619 | Build 160609
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