Build 160707 (stable)

  • conemu#752: Fn keys were not processed by Keys GuiMacro.
  • conemu#742: Improve installer error reporting, don’t show error code twice.
  • conemu#739: New option ‘Compress long strings to fit space’ is turned on by default. By unchecking that option you’ll get ‘old’ behavior, when ConEmu just trims text, which overruns dedicated space. Read comments in the issue for details:
  • In some cases old text was not cleared properly with a consequent garbage on the screen.
  • conemu#741: Text compression/expansion logic changed, using ‘elasticity’ now.
  • In some cases Font changes were not applied properly.
  • conemu#741, conemu#722: Glyphs widths evaluation and alignment were changed. So, symbols are expected to be painted properly, uncropped. Examples: U+276F (❯), U+2794 (➔), U+27F6 (⟶).
  • conemu#761: Support ‘Terminate all but shell’ for git-cmd.exe.
Build 160710 (stable) | Build 160619
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