Build 160609

  • conemu#712: Total consoles count was not displayed in the title properly (regression 7ed745b).
  • conemu#678: Selection vanished from screen after multiple page selection.
  • System menu item ‘Debug’ -> ‘Dump screen’ saved empty png file.
  • Fix Shift-Home selection in cmd.exe prompt after Tab-completion. First Shift-Home is expected to select the typed command without prompt. Sequential Shift-Home keypresses select and unselect prompt part.
  • Let Shift-Home select multiline commands in cmd.exe prompt.
  • conemu#687: Settings page ‘Integration’ -> ‘ANSI execution’ to control allowed code and macro.

    This allows ConEmu specific OSC to be executed: ^]]9;6;"*macro*"^]\ and ^]]9;7;"*cmd*"^]\.

    Since now, they allowed by default in cmd.exe only (were implemented for GitShowBranch.cmd). User may also disable or enable they for any process.

    Also, there is a list of allowed commands. Commands are case-sensitive, one line - one command. User may use * to allow bunch of commands by ‘mask’.

Build 160612 (stable) | Build 160607 (stable)
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