Build 160416

  • conemu#629: Once more ‘Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’. It’s recommended now to run bash with -cur_console:p switch. Delete trailing 1 if you have {bash} task already.
-cur_console:p[N] - pty modes, N - bitmask, default is 1+4
   1 - XTermKeys, 2 - BrPaste, 4 - AppCursorKeys
  • Support underlined text attributes (fish autocompletion).
  • ConEmu.exe switches -run and -runlist are introduced to take the place of -cmd and -cmdlist.
    • Actually, -cmd and -cmdlist are supported for compatibility reasons, but -run... switches are more convenient to avoid confusion with cmd.exe.
    • As before, both /switch and -switch notations are supported.
    • Also, ConEmu internals were changed to -switch notation.
  • conemu#641: Correct posting 0x7F (which is <BS> on xterm) to console. It was posted with LEFT_CTRL_PRESSED in dwControlKeyState. We are posting <BS>, but not a <Ctrl>-<BS>.
Build 160428 | Build 160413
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