Build 160428

  • conemu#472: One more fix for custom frame width (Quake) and ‘gaps’.
  • Revert conemu#621 patch. Just post KeyUp(Alt) before pasting.
  • New feature ‘Adjust lightness of indistinguishable text’ on the ‘Colors’ settings page. The idea is to make text readable if certain foreground and background colors are indistinguishable for current palette. ConEmu will try to change the lightness of the foreground text.
  • Draw triangles (‘’ and ‘’) internally if ‘Enhance progressbars and scrollbars’ is checked. This solves two problems: cleartype artifacts in statusbars (vim airline for example); and triangle color for adjusted lightness of indistinguishable text.
  • New ConEmu.exe switch -Frame <value> changes desired ‘Frame width’.
  • Many internal changes in font descriptors creation.
Build 160503 | Build 160416
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