Build 160413

  • Task for ‘Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’ was not created properly in 32-bit ConEmu on 64-bit Win10. Also, it’s named now just a {Bash::bash}.
  • New StatusBar columns: ‘Terminal modes’ and ‘RealConsole modes’ (generally for troubleshooting).
    • ‘Terminal modes’ shows keyboard modes and some flags: Windows, Xterm, App cursor keys, Bracketed paste, Cygwin, msys1, msys2 or clinK. E.g. XC means Xterm keyboard mode and Cygwin active console application.
    • ‘RealConsole modes’ shows current values of GetConsoleMode for ConIn and ConOut.
  • GuiMacro: TermMode(<Mode>[,<Action>]). Ref conemu#629: To ‘fix’ arrow keys in vim in bash on Ubuntu on Windows one may set hotkey for macro TermMode(2) and switch keyboard mode manually when vim (linux process) is started and exited.
  - changes active terminal modes
    Mode==0: Keyboard emulation (Xterm/Windows)
    Mode==1: Bracketed paste
    Mode==2: Application cursor keys (DECCKM)
    Action==0: Disable mode
    Action==1: Enable mode
    Action==2: Switch mode (default)
  • Suppress error message ‘Can’t open console data file mapping. ErrCode=0x00000002’ when started smth from Far and close ConEmu.
  • Terminal modes and performance counters were not shown properly on first open of ‘Info’ settings page.
Build 160416 | Build 160411
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