Build 160411

  • conemu#629: Support xterm keyboard emulation for ‘Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’. conhost does not do keypressed translation, if they were posted directly to console input. That’s why switch -cur_console:p1 must be used to turn on internal xterm emulation in ConEmu. So, the task {Bash-on-Ubuntu} would be:
%windir%\system32\bash.exe -cur_console:p1
  • New default task {Bash::Bash on Ubuntu} for Windows 10 (if the feature is turned on in Windows).
  • conemu#637, conemu#626: Access vialation on entering plugin ‘ConEmu Background’.
  • Environment variables: ConEmuArgs and ConEmuArgs2.
    • ConEmuArgs now contains only ConEmu.exe’s ‘switches’ (before -cmd or -cmdlist).
    • New variable ConEmuArgs2 contains the command only: -cmd ... or -cmdlist ....
  • Reuse ConEmuArgs when starting new ConEmu instance from cmd autorun.
  • conemu#614, conemu#616: Handle commas as decimal separators in the in-console progress detection. This fixes curl -# -O looping between 0 and 9%.
  • Do not apply the icon from {Task} if option ‘Show overlay icon’ is on, to avoid two similar icons, one over another.
Build 160413 | Build 160403a
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