Build 160308

  • Option ‘Retard inactive panes’ was ignored in some cases.
  • Trailing dot was not trimmed after md-style hyperlink.
  • conemu#420: Do not enable by default option ‘Process start’.
  • Debugging purposes: ConEmuC.exe -struct %ConEmuPID%.
  • In prompt, Shift+Home/End selects command text first, second press expands selection to line start/end.
  • If selection was started from keyboard, than Del/Shift-Del/Backspace removes selected text. ConEmu tries to ‘map’ single Del/BS to series of keypresses to remove whole selected block. Only one-line selections are processed. Shift-Del do copying to clipboard before erasion.
  • Allow persistent mouse selection. Selection will reset on Paste or Typing.
  • When selection crosses anchor, behave same way if selection was started in that direction.
  • ANSI: Implement ESC ] 9 ; 12 ST to store end of prompt message.
  • l10n: Update chinese translation.
Build 160310 | Build 160301
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