Build 160301

  • conemu#562: Environment was not applied to elevated consoles.
  • Window icon was changed by mistake when starting task with defined icon. This must happen only for startup task.
  • StatusBar was not updated after root process termination. Especially for consoles started with -new_console:c0 or -new_console:c1.
  • conemu#561: Tab macro %d was not trimmed to ‘Max tab width’.
  • For TaskBar with small icons show current console icon instead of ConEmu default (option ‘Admin shield’).
  • GuiMacro: GetInfo("Root") XML-result changes.

    Ref: Maximus5/conemu-inside#8

    State: Empty, NotStarted, Running, Exited. PID and ExitCode: unsigned integers. UpTime: milliseconds. Examples below.

    • If there are not consoles in ConEmu.
<Root State="Empty" />
  • If console initialization is in progress (ping localhost -t for example).
<Root State="NotStarted" Name="ping.exe" />
  • If root process was started and is running. Note, 259 in ExitCode is STILL_ACTIVE constant.
<Root State="Running" Name="ping.exe" PID="7136" ExitCode="259" UpTime="3183" />
  • If root process was finished (terminated by Ctrl+C as example).
<Root State="Exited" Name="ping.exe" PID="7136" ExitCode="3221225786" UpTime="10195" />
  • Another example for cmd.exe normal exit.
<Root State="Exited" Name="cmd.exe" PID="6688" ExitCode="0" UpTime="1825" />
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