Build 160310

  • TaskBar icon fixes (Overlay icon on any OS, update icon on Restart console).
    • Option ‘Show overlay icon (Win7 and higher)’ now works on any system, and need to be renamed. So, if TaskBar uses small icons, ConEmu shows icon from active console via WM_GETICON.
    • Icon was not updated on restart console with another icon.
  • Updates on Intelligent selection.
    • Double and Triple clicks selection do not require modifiers.
    • Click outside selection region - would reset active selection.
    • Do Internal Copy & Paste if LBtn is still down and RBtn is clicked.
    • Avoid blinking on double/triple clicks.
    • Selection: In some cases Shift+DblClick slipped to console.
  • conemu#328: Improve double-click word selection logic.
    • Don’t select space after word.
    • Don’t select pseudographics before/after alphabeticals.
    • Trim trailing punctuations.
    • Trim leading punctuations except dots (e.g. .bashrc).
  • Fix wrong quotation rules on Settings/Environment. Was not working properly:
echo ""
echo """C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe"" fetch --progress ""--all"" "
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