Build 160228 (preview)

  • Fix crash when mouse wheel was scrolled over search edit box.
  • Warning fixes (from Michael Lukashov).
  • Intelligent selection mode was not working in Far userscreen (Panels turned off).
  • conemu#560: Fix true-color scrolling issues in Far 3.0.4525.
  • Alt+Numbers mode improvements.
    • Hotkey (unassigned): Start Alt+Number mode to enter unicode symbol by its hex codebase.
    • Allow mode start by GuiMacro: AltNumber([Base]).
      • Base==0: Start Alt+Numbers in ANSI decimal mode (‘ANSI’ actually means UNICODE code points 32..255)
      • Base==10: Start Alt+Numbers in OEM decimal mode
      • Base==16: Start Alt+Numbers in hexadecimal mode
    • Alt+Numbers: If mode was started by Alt+Key (user-defined), do paste on Alt release.
    • Alt+Numbers: Show collected codebase and hints about mode in the StatusBar.
  • KeyEvents v4.3: Unicode characters were not printed correctly.
Build 160301 | Build 160222
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