Build 160222

  • conemu#555: Aliases support was broken (771ab79 regression).
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#13: ConEmu-Inside position was not updated in some cases.
  • Understandable error message if bad -loadcfgfile was specified.
  • Don’t erase default MSZ setting value, if one not found in xml.
  • Let -new_console:c1 consoles stay open silently even on Esc/Enter.

    When all processes in console are finished:

    • ConEmu does not close the console automatically;
    • Confirmation message is not written to console;
    • All keypresses are ignored.

    So, user may either close console via ConEmu interface (kill hotkeys or close menu items), or parent process (when ConEmu is working in the ‘Inside’ mode) may close the console via GuiMacro Close(0,1).

Build 160228 (preview) | Build 160219
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