Build 160219

  • Task may be executed in the running console with ConEmuC -c {TaskName}.

    Actually, first command of the named task is executed, and rest of command line is appended as arguments. For example, you may start Far editor in the current console by executing in the prompt:

    ConEmuC -c {Far} /e text.txt
  • Support tasks nesting.

    Simple nesting is allowed, so one may create their own task, which starts {cmd}, {powershell} and {VS 14.0 x86 tools prompt}, even in splits or with extra arguments. For example:

    {cmd} & echo Extra args
    {powershell} -new_console:sV
  • New predefined environment variables: ConEmuTask and ConEmuPalette.
  • TaskBar JumpList icons fix.
  • Far Macro: ConEmu.Editor.lua was broken (Far3 latest builds).
  • Far Tabs were not updated in ConEmu after plugin call Plugin.SyncCall(ConEmu,100).
Build 160222 | Build 160218
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