Build 160218

  • GuiMacro. New function Write("Text") writes “Text” to console output (dangerous).

    Use it at you own risk! Calling this function may cause unexpected behavior of running console application! That is because function changes console contents and cursor position directly, bypassing detouring standard ConIn/ConOut processing queue.

    In most cases safe functions Paste, Print and Keys are preferable!

    However, with Write you may implement some interesting features, like printing sort of ‘hints’ in shell prompt:

    Write “\e7\e[90mEcho "Hello world!"\e[m\e8”

    Ref: Maximus5/conemu-inside#3

  • conemu#550, conemu#372, conemu#234: Unassigned by default hotkey ‘Reset terminal’ (dangerous).

    I’m still sure that this operation is harmful and dangerous: But since GuiMacro Write exists, anyone may create a macro for Write("\ec"), which the hotkey actualy executes.

    TabMenu item ‘Edit -> Reset terminal’ is available too.

    BTW, with Write macro anyone may push to console several colored lines, using ANSI sequences, to ‘mark’ some point in real-time logs (tail -f).

    Write “\n\n\e[91m========== ‘\e]9;8;"time"\e\’ ==========\e[m\n\n”

  • Bring here: Just move window to the upper-left corner of active monitor.
  • ANSI: Let ESC ] 9 ; 8 ; "*env*" ST supports date and time.
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