Build 160217

  • conemu#541: Chinese translation (from @ulin).
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#4: Don’t warn ConEmu's parent window was terminated abnormally if we have no VCon.
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#4: Don’t show ‘Can’t create new virtual console’ error if parent was killed during initialization.
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#12: Query GuiMacro result via callback function. ConEmuCD.dll and ConEmuCD64.dll now export GuiMacro function.
  • Don’t install hooks in ConEmuC.exe.
  • ConEmuC internal -echo able to expand environment variables by -x subswitch. Example: ConEmuC -echo -x “Version: %ConEmuBuild%”
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#3: Write user-defined text to console on startup.

    Commands echo and type are processed internally by ConEmuC now. For example, it’s possible to add into the Settings/Environment.

    echo -x “Welcome to ConEmu %ConEmuBuild% terminal^nPress Win-Alt-P to show Settings dialog”

    Alternatively, you may add echo or type before the command itself, when you create new console, or in the Task definition. Example.

    type -utf8 “%ConEmuDir%\Hello.txt” & cmd /k “%ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd”

  • Implement -Args to show how ConEmu’s command line parser works. Example: ConEmuC -args “Test1 & ^ “” Test2” “Test “” 3”

  • Two double-quotes are replaced with one double-quotes in NextArg.

    So, the command:

    ConEmuC -args “Test1 & ^ “” Test2” “Test “” 3”

    must produce following output:

    1: Test1 & ^ " Test2 2: Test " 3

  • Changes in ConEmuC -echo feature.

    • Arguments are processed one-by-one, strings with special characters must be framed with double-quotes, two sequential double-quotes are replaces with one double quotes, multiple spaces between arguments are treated as single space.

    • If -r subswitch is not specified, than following replacements are done.

      • ^^ -> ^
      • ^n or ^N -> (char)10 {\n : LF}
      • ^r or ^R -> (char)13 {\r : CR}
      • ^t or ^T -> (char)9 {\t : TAB}
      • ^a or ^A -> (char)7 {BELL}
      • ^b or ^B -> (char)8 {\b : BACK}
      • ^e or ^E or ^[ -> (char)27 {ESC}
    • If -x subswitch is specified, than %EnvVars% are expanded.

$ ConEmuC -echo "A1 "" A2"   "A3" A4"
A1 " A2 A3 A4

$ ConEmuC -echo "Line1^nLine2"

$ ConEmuC -echo -r "Line1^nLine2"
  • Settings/Environment has priority over console command line.

    Commands echo, type, set and others, defined in on the ‘Environment’ settings page, are executed before commands, defined in the Task or console command line.

    So, if ‘Environment’ has following line

    echo -x “Welcome to the ConEmu %ConEmuBuild% terminal”

    And {cmd} Task is defined like following

    echo “Initializing {cmd} Task…” & cmd /k “%ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd”

    Than you’ll see in the terminal

    Welcome to the ConEmu 160217 terminal Initializing {cmd} Task…

  • Log system date on -log start and date change.
  • Show (StatusBar) and log PID of started console server.
  • GuiMacro: WindowMode("HERE") moves ConEmu to monitor with mouse cursor.
  • Add hotkey for ‘Move ConEmu window to the monitor with mouse cursor (Bring here)’.
  • conemu#240: Create a workaround for ‘Maximum real console size was reached’.

    Looks like MS-Bug in conhost leads to abnormally large font set in real console, if tab was started As Admin in Windows 10 and Win-L pressed.

C:\ConEmu\ConEmu64.exe -basic -max -size 12 -visible -log -cmd {cmd (Admin)}
rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation
Build 160218 | Build 160211 (preview)
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