Build 160202

  • New TabMenu items hints (shown in StatusBar when hovering menu with mouse).
  • Show confirmation if Shift is pressed when selecting menu items:
    • Kill active process
    • Kill all bat shell
  • conemu#241: Close consoles refactoring (close Far tabs with single click). If Far Manager was started from other shell (from cmd.exe, for example) than using ‘Safe Far Close’ macro leads to return to the shell prompt, instead of termination of this console. Also, unchecked option ‘Safe Far Close’ was ignored for far.exe. In progress actually. We have to simplify close/terminate calls.
  • Warn user if automatic action was called without initialized settings. The example of command: ConEmu.exe -SetDefTerm -Detached -MinTSA -Exit. If there is no settings file, user will see FastConfiguration dialog, which is unexpected for automatic action (-SetDefTerm and -Exit). If one needs to run ConEmu without settings, they may use -basic switch.
  • Double-width glyph in the col 1 was cropped in Far editor/viewer. For example, if the following text 中英文Block mode复制初步修复。 was started from the leftmost console cell, than glyph was cropped to one cell.
  • GitShowBranch.cmd: Support git branches with dots in branch name.
  • conemu#515: Internal changes of OnShutdownConsole.
  • Add default task {Tools::Docker}. Docker is detected by environment variable %DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH%. Also, bash.exe (Git, Cygwin or MSys) have to be installed to run
  • Add default task for NYAGOS (if found in %PATH%).
  • conemu#517: In Quake mode Maximized/Fullscreen was dropped after ConEmu restart.
  • conemu-inside#1: Mouse text selection does not work in the Inside mode.
  • conemu-inside#4: Avoid crashes when parent process is terminated during startup.
  • conemu-inside#4: Correct warning messages and don’t show them if parent was terminated during startup.
  • Allow to start new tab in current detached instance in one-console mode. If option ‘Multiple consoles in one ConEmu window’ is disabled, than new console is started in new ConEmu window, but this is impractical if there is no consoles in current instance. For example: “ConEmu -detached” or existing console was closed.
  • Protect from possible ‘locks’ during startup.
  • StatusBar column ‘Create new console’ was not updated in some cases.
Build 150813g (stable) | Build 160124
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