Build 150813g (stable)

  • Don’t try to inject hooks into ConEmuC processes.
  • Allow AutoUpdates to ‘Stable’ builds.
  • Renew portable and xml notes.
  • conemu#491: Example Far Macro ConEmu.CtrlShiftT.lua had wrong hotkey.
  • Prevent double execution of script specified in “AutoRun” cmd’s registry key. For example, when “cmd /k CmdInit.cmd” was started (default for {cmd} task) triggering ver command caused execution of test.cmd again.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]
  • conemu#470: Double click word selection was broken.
  • conemu#517: In Quake mode Maximized/Fullscreen was dropped after ConEmu restart.
  • conemu#297: Fix keyboard delay (Windows 7).
  • conemu#486: Use https for github links.
  • conemu#524: Deal with entangled window list returned by Far API.
Build 160204 | Build 160202
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