Build 160124

  • conemu#509: Fix crash when checking ‘Explicit executable’.
  • Use bare {Far} task name for first Far.exe found in our folder. To simplify portable and testing installations, if Far Manager is copied into our program folder, don’t change its task name (don’t add version/bitness suffixes).
  • conemu#507: Get rid of MsgBox on attach errors, print info to Console instead.
  • conemu#514: Fix broken pseudographics representation if ‘Alternative font’ was off.
  • Prefer bash.exe over sh.exe when creating default tasks.
  • gd#516: Support ‘Application Cursor Keys (DECCKM)’.
  • Update terminals module to v0.7.4
  • Let characters 0x1F300..0x1F5FF be double-width.
  • conemu#517: Radio-buttons Maximized and Fullscreen were not working (Apply is required though).
Build 160202 | Build 160111
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