Build 151222

  • conemu#465: Treat Ctrl-Z as ‘EndOfStream’ in ReadConsole (Go input streams). To use, on new line press Ctrl-Z and Enter. Option (Features page) disabled by default.
  • conemu#469: TabBar/ToolBar is too large.
  • conemu#473: Support Ctrl+LClick on paths surrounded by brackets.
  • connector#4: AltGr+Char was not working with cygwin/msys connector.
  • conemu#470: Double click word selection was broken.
  • conemu-inside#3: New switch -new_console:c0. It suppress writing to console confirmation messages like “Press Enter or Esc to close console…”, but let server to wait for Enter or Esc nonetheless.
  • ConEmu.Core - Nuget package for, for referencing the stuff from Visual Studio projects. Unlike Choco’s, this one has to carry all of the payload files inside and not on an URL. The nuget with conemu WinForms control references this nuget, so just adding a nuget to your project sets it up for using the conemu control out of the box.
  • Internal. Fix package name
  • API: ConEmuCD exports function ConsoleMain3 to enable ‘in-process’ GuiMacro calls.
Prototype: int __stdcall ConsoleMain3(int anWorkMode, LPCWSTR asCmdLine)
Example: ConsoleMain3(0, L"-GuiMacro:1234 Print \"exit\\n\"");
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