Build 151217

  • AnsiLog was not written properly in some cases.
  • Reuse HandleKeeper to determine console handle properties properly
    • ANSI coloring is supported while redirecting text to CON from batches. Example for cmd prompt: call cecho "Redirected output" > CON.
    • Output of msvcrt linked applications, like PING or TRACERT, may be logged (Settings\Features\Log console output).
  • conemu#461: Fix AeroPeek VCon offset when frame is non-resizable.
  • conemu#210: Minimizing other windows causes ConEmu to be restored (Quake).
  • First try to draw non-spacings/combinings/surrogates/double-width in ‘proper’ size. For example, combining accents/umlauts must be shown over preceding letter, CJK double-width characters must use two cells to avoid overlapping. But that raise some other problems if console application don’t care about this. For example: Far Manager frames may look corrupted after CJK file names.
  • Don’t try to pop up console menu by Shift+RClick while LBtn selection is present.
  • Make IDM_CLOSE (Tab/Console menu item) behavior more conistent.
    • If menu’s opened by RClick on console or by hotkey: do ‘Close console’.
    • If menu’s opened by TabBar’s RClick and it’s a group with several tabs: do ‘Close tab group’.
    • Otherwise: do ‘Close tab’.
  • ConEmu Inside: Terminate our process (ConEmu.exe) if parent window was killed.
  • Don’t try to hide to TSA in Inside mode.
  • conemu#467: Startup crash if startup task was renamed.
  • Arbitrary shells (not a Task) were not accepted in FastConfiguration dialog.
  • Let’s save integers as user-friendly 10-based numbers (new xml configs).
  • Allow AutoUpdates to ‘Stable’ builds.
  • GuiMacro: GetInfo(“Root”) returns information of current console root process (JSON).
    • If there’s no console at all - macro returns either empty string, or somthing like “FAILED:Specified ConEmu instance is not found”.
    • On errors you may receive {"Status":"Unknown"}.
    • Normally, JSON object is expected. Example below, // for comments.
"Running": false,  // true or false
"Name": "cmd.exe", // name of root process executable
"PID": 1234,       // PID of root process
"ExitCode": 1,     // 259 if still running, or its exitcode
"UpTime": 12418    // milliseconds
  • GuiMacro: Avoid VConRequired error macro was received before RCon created.
  • GuiMacro: If ConEmuC -GuiMacro was started before ConEmu GUI finishes initialization, wait for ConEmu window appears or ConEmu.exe process terminates.
  • Option ‘Skip click on activation’ was not working on ‘touch’.
  • conemu#310: Chars entered by Alt+Numpad were not working.
  • Warning fixes (from Michael Lukashov).
Build 151222 | Build 150813f (preview)
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