Build 151224

  • All 64-bit binaries are built with VS14. 32-bit binaries are still built with VS9 (WinSDK7) to be compatible with old systems.
  • conemu#486: Use https for github links.
  • conemu#488: Full paths were shown in Far’s editor/viewer tabs (6ce49af regression).
  • GuiMacro: Return xml instead of json for GetInfo Root.
  • GuiMacro: In-process GuiMacro execution improvements.
Prototype: int __stdcall ConsoleMain3(int anWorkMode, LPCWSTR asCmdLine)
Example: ConsoleMain3(3, L" -GuiMacro:1234 Print \"exit\\n\"");
Note: anWorkMode==3, asCmdLine must begin with space.
Build 160111 | Build 151222
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