Build 151205

  • Show cygwin/msys/clink flags on Settings/Info.
  • Post Fxx keys ncurses-friendly in the xterm mode emulation.
  • conemu#442: In text selection pressing Ctrl+Shift+Arrow increases selection faster. Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right jumps by words if possible, or by 10 chars. Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down jumps by screen halfs.
  • conemu#455: Redirected output from batch files to CON device was not working.
  • conemu#438: No newlines in log files after prompts.
  • Do logging of Far prompt (only screen copy) if ‘Log console output’ is ON.
  • Update cygwin/msys connector to v0.6.
Build 151207 | Build 151202
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